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  3. J’ajoute que les sunnites et chiites qui respectent les principes de notre pays (égalité entre homme et femme + liberté de croyance pour chacun) ont toute leur place en France et doivent avoir des lieux de culte à la mesure de leur nombre.Nous devons trouver une solution pour les aider , peut-être en contrepartie d’une réaffirmation symbolique des principes français à l’entrée des dits lieux.Bonne journée

  4. Trur ikkje eg vert trist ved utgangen av eit Ã¥r, men ein tenkjer jo alltid litt over kva som har skjedd iløpet av Ã¥ret som har gÃ¥tt. No har eg akurat laga Ã¥rskavalkade pÃ¥ bloggen, og det er ganske kjekt Ã¥ sitte og scrolle igjennom innlegg og bilder, og mimre over store og smÃ¥ hendingar.Eitkvart joletre har jo sin sjarm, iallefall med pynten pÃ¥ 😉

  5. Hallo Laliese,wie schön, das sich hier etwas tut. Das neue Konzept klinkt verlockend und ich freue mich schon auf Berichte und Bilder, die helfen, Dein Afrikaprojekt besser verfolgen zu können.Vergiss aber neben der Arbeit nicht das viele Interessante um Dich herum und genieße das Leben. Ich wünsche Die und Deinen Mitbewohnern noch eine tolle Zeit.Wir hören von einander.Andi

  6. I ordered this bow just to use for target practice. I have a long bow 60# but the string hits the underside of your wrist everytime you shoot it, so you have to wear proper wrist protecter while shooting. This bow you can shoot without any wrist protection. Fun to shoot, simple, durable/great bow for the price. Will probably buy another for my son.

  7. Dominique, je regarde la photographie de la boutique, et, avec ta permission, je me permets d’offrir à ton aimable lectorat l’explication de texte que voici : « Orange » provient d’une célèbre marque de téléphonie mobile et le vocable « Ultra », lui, provient de certaines banderoles qui, à l’occasion, s’agitent dans les tribunes du Stade de France.

  8. Indeed. A manager whose name is always mentioned when a job in the Football League becomes available (which, depressingly, is a frequent occurrence), but who fails to inspire much enthusiasm. If anything, the appointment of Cotterill reflects the low expectations of a chastened club.

  9. So many Soldiers have come up to me and told me how much they enjoyed your book. Its a great thing when your on a deployment and something as simple as a great novel can take you away from that type of environment. There is so much detail and depth, that reading it over and over again is like the first time.

  10. Dreambes, je veux pas te manquer de respect, ou te paraitre condescendant, mais franchement, pourquoi tu l’ouvre? Cette album, Wars of the roses, est plein de bonnes idées, mais c’est vrai, la piste Providence avec ses coeurs c’est mauvais et pas à sa place…et l album dans l ensemble laisse une impression de "j ai raté le c…

  11. Jusqu’aujourd’hui, au proche orient, seuls les Palestiniens proclamaient haut et fort « NOUS REVIENDRONS »Les Syriens réfugiés, dans les pays limitrophes, les ont rejoint. Ainsi, les enfants syriens réfugiés se font écrire sur leurs joues cette expression« NOUS REVIENDRONS ».Bien sûr dans la Syrie libérée.

  12. can someone please … can someone please help me, one of my favorite episodes is when they were ask to participate in a movie en they dressed up as germans with pike as a german general. Anyone know the name of that episode?one other episode I like was when they visit I think godfrieds cottage to help him, it was not ´´the battle of godfrieds cottage´´ because that episode was in black and white en this one was in colour, it ends when mainwairing, pike en wilson walks away and pike shoot with a imaginary thompson

  13. Thanks for your superb artwork, Eric. It stands alone as a compelling image, but your willingness to share the thinking you went through to prepare the image really enriches our understanding of it. Your message, like the image, promotes thinking about the events in Tucson, and the escalating social problems that stem from widespread tolerance–and even encouragement–of violence in American society.

  14. Ah ! L’orthographe ! Chez un dyslexique comme moi, c’est un combat. Si vous lisez mes premiers jets, vous seriez affligé, comme moi. Et malgré les relectures et les aides diverses, il en reste.N’hésitez pas à me les signaler, je n’ai aucun orgueil de ce côté-là.Merci pour votre compliment. Lorsque l’on est loin, seuls à bord, il n’est pas toujours facile d’évaluer son travail.

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  17. Glad to help It’s kind of an odd film film, but a good one. If you haven’t seen it before, you might want to watch it first before letting the kids see it.Surprisingly, it didn’t phase my kids though (these are the same kids that are still afraid of the ET movie) (lol)

  18. Regardless of what happens from here on out I think the FO gets a passing grade with the Nash coup. I certainly hope they can upgrade more. I also haven’t given up on McRoberts he’s the type of player, like our other mediocre roster players that may just flourish playing with Nash. Is Matt Barnes still available? His talents could also be maximized by our new point guard…

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  21. lo de que “gmail es humano” era muy obvio, a mi manera de ver. Gmail suele ser siempre muy preciso en cómo se acerca siempre a lo que vamos necesitando los usuarios, pero sí, es verdad, este “detalle” de humanidad tal vez nos hace “ver” que del otro lado hay personas falibles y nos hace sentir más cercanos.no?un saludobuena semanaPaula

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  25. Oh God, why?? The 2 Uncharted games are some of the best you can get for the PS3, the second one has over 35 perfect review scores, it’d be really hard to screw it up on film..Except with the casting. Wahlberg doesn’t have the right sense of humor. Nathan Drake’s family is never mentioned, this seems like some mob film. High hopes are kinda dashed with this. Shoulda been Nathan Fillion.

  26. You know who you’re really hurting with this, Falco. You’re hurting poor Mike Tunison. He has a cubic meter of Haynesworth-related diarrhea for Strasburg Nation, and you’re going to feed him a diet of pure Immodium for a week straight. He’ll need surgery because of you and your hackneyed convictions.

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  29. Excellent, Martin.une question me taraude, est-ce que le dessin d’hier préparait à celui d’aujourd’hui ou bien avez-vous rebondit dessus suite à l’actualité?Dans les deux cas, c’est génial.

  30. Great post. I was bullied by my teacher in Grade 2 and it was very traumatic. She called me names (stupid), made me stand alone in the hallway, sent me to the principals office, ridicule me in class, etc. Mid-way through the year I started throwing up every day at school. My mom was actively involved in trying to find a solution and the school refused to do anything. I didn't go back to that school after that terrible year. My mom, a school teacher herself, decided to home school me since I was sensitive to bullying. I was terrified when my oldest started Kindergarten. I don't want a similar experience to scar her for life too.

  31. Hej Dennis.Mange tak for fine rÃ¥d. MÃ¥ske kan du ogsÃ¥ svare pÃ¥ om hvordan man kan sende en “Anbefal side til venner/foreslÃ¥ side til venner” til sine venner for 2 gang?Og ved du hvem der fÃ¥r præsenteret, de opslag jeg laver pÃ¥ min Facebook side – er det dem som tidligere har “liket” et opslag pÃ¥ min FB side, eller er det dem som har trykket “synes godt om” øverst pÃ¥ FB siden?Med venlig hilsen Mariann

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  33. "ganhando o nome de podridão nobre" É melhor voltar a informar-se . Dizer isto é de uma ligeireza abismal. E Bolo de Chocolate para um LH até pode resultar mas não é o casamento perfeito. Doce Regional?? Seja mais preciso. Tanta ligeireza.António Figueira

  34. I almost couldn’t finish reading it I cringed so badly. Every time I start to have big city dreams, I stumble upon something like this. And I am thankful for my solo morning commute. And I’m glad Jessica R. got border collies… I got some rapper lady in a fur coat humping a coach.

  35. I'm going to say she was trained before meeting Duran. I got the impressions that since Companions are at least partially inspired by geisha (although geisha are not prostitutes and that is a stupidstupid stereotype and -foam-), the arts/etiquette/grace training starts long before any of the sexual aspect comes in, and so most start training as teens.

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  38. “UC Capital Projects department planned to develop the Gill Tract” – you only need to read that far to understand how dishonest the OtF people are. The development (which was approved by Albany, but abandoned due to OtF intransigence) wasn’t even in the _same_ _block_ as the “farm” they’ve “occupied”. Apparently, they were too wasted to notice they had the wrong location, and too dishonest to admit their mistake.

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  40. Common Swift,I don’t know what you’re reading, but I don’t see anyone “demonizing” “all” gays over this poster. “Certain Christians” may see a lot of things, just like certain gays think this picture is amusing/inspiring/whatever. There is no single-mindedness when defining the “Christian community” (unfortunately). It seems like you’re just milking the victim card.

  41. This was the one project I had picked to be my FAV…. It will be nice to have one instead of using ziploc bags.. So winning one would be great too.. and one day I am gonna win some Aurfil thread !!

  42. an ipad stylus out of wires from garbage bags, broken pens, sponges, a straw, a scissor and a nail–it…wow…sounds like some of the artwork i’ve seen at the ART Basle today…so you may can sell it for a lot of money one day…smiles

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  44. Hey Kalani!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you know that the videos were great. Thanks for sharing. That was a big spider. So cute too!!! Have a super duper day!! Huggies to the bug. <3Martha recently posted..

  45. I don't think the Amish suck up Welfare to subsidize a way of life that returns nothing to the long suffering taxpayer.No more families supported permanently on Welfare because of their personal religious beliefs, no matter what religion, Jewish or Muslim.

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  48. Very funky outfit! I hate when my linings or skirts cling and bunch. Today's dress's lining rode up all day – I was ready to grab the scissors!Ooh, can't wait to see your 80s outfits!

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  59. In a wider sense what do you do when your political elite decides that a fully functioning terrorist state which uses terrorism as a completely legitimate and entirely acceptable tool of foreign and domestic policy is something to be embraced? It's not like having to deal with armed gangs so much as electing them to lead you. And then what?

  60. Mona-Jeg har hæklet pÃ¥ en lidt mindre pind end hvad der er beregnet til garnet, sÃ¥ hæklingen bliver mere fast, og sÃ¥ har jeg lavet den lige et par cm kortere end hvad den kan nÃ¥ til, sÃ¥ den bliver strammet helt ud omkring de smÃ¥ knapper… Giver det mening? Det mÃ¥ være sÃ¥dan jeg har gjort for at det ikke suser ned… 🙂

  61. hopsicle,Nice of you to worry about the loss of enemy civilian lives, but if I were you I’d just as soon worry about the deaths of your own civilians. Cuz that’s what’s gonna happen if you fuck around with your northern neighbors from here on. And they ain’t signed no fake peace treaty with you or America either, so as far as they’re concerned, their hands are free and all options are “on the table”.

  62. reconheci-a de imediato 🙂 uma corajosa pela dificuldade que passou. Racionalmente não compreendo as concessões que fez, emocionalmente compreendo bem a necessidade imediata de livrar-se do pesadelo em que lhe estão a transformar a vida. Força A., tens toda uma vida linda pela frente e desta vez com quem gosta de ti:)

  63. I know what your korean friends were singing in the last 2 noraebang(KTV) photos! Heartbeat by 2pm LOL. And Sophie's teeth is not that yellow, not that I noticed. Will is such a nitpicker for an ugly person.

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  71. Hi Shannon- Your shelves are wonderful. I am going to be working downstairs on our little project here in the next week or so- Do you suppose your hubby would come put up some shelves for me…um…I can cook and bake and play music while he is working! I went with the grands trick-or-treating for a while tonight and it was such a memory jogger back to when my own kids were that age. Where DOES the time go? xo Diana

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  75. I think there are very few surprises on Project Runway. There tend to be too predictable and one or two wild cards. I think the judges really like Christopher, Dimitry and Sonjia with the wild cards being Elena and maybe Fabio? Thinks have changed sense they left Bravo. Not for the better. A little to formulamatic? Christopher states he needs more fabric and then Tim Gunn decides to announce $100 more in fabric choices. Strange! IMO.

  76. Crotalus,"Is that a typo, or have you got something against them?"Just a gag name, like Booger Thing, Shake My Steak, Ze Luftwaffle Haus, Wally World, Taco Hell, et al. 🙂

  77. I love sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms and sometimes they get thrown in too – so much umami going on. I like the idea of canned beans – for burritos, quick dips and fillings as well as to protein-up a veg soup or dish. Sorry for the delay. You were somehow in my spam filter, which I’m not very diligent in sifting through ;D

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  79. “Everyone can walk though the front door now.So why do we still need Affimative Action??”Because racists like you seem to feel that you only get true quality when you get white males.Show me how Roberts or Alito were more qualified than Sotomayor?And if you can’t, will you admit you’re full of shit?

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